UNYQ – Materialising the Digital

UNYQ’s ‘Catwalk, Rivet and Vittra from stigma to style: 3D printed prosthetic covers.’ as seen in Materialising the Digital at The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, produces dramatic medical aesthetic innovations through various digital processes. The fairings are not only state of the art, practical and unique designs, but the material manifestations serve a … More UNYQ – Materialising the Digital

What really Matters

      ideas, materials, media, and technologies you are interested in developing activist cinema, film, photography, documentaries, campaigns on things that matter! provide a comprehensive picture of the field within which your proposed project will sit. For example, if you are interested in activist cinema, what historical development informed this field? What are the different … More What really Matters

Where do i fit in

“Get In Media has put together an organisational chart that breaks down the different phases of filmmaking, listing the various crew positions associated with each department, and illustrating the hierarchy among them.” This is a fantastic chart of the hierarchies found in larger films. Everyone almost reports to each other. But you have the three production … More Where do i fit in

The Other Australia

I wanted to start with a definition of ‘poor’ what actually constitutes a person of being poor? The Oxford Dictionary defines poor as “Lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.” I then look at that and automatically see issues, what is considered comfortable? And what is normal … More The Other Australia