Revolutionary Prosthetics and the Cyborg, is sci fi driving medical innovation?

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. – Richard Feynman THE IDEA: I visited ‘Materializing the digital’ for a Media Arts subject excursion last year and came across a company called UNYQ. (see below for the blog post on UNYQ) ” UNYQ’s ‘Catwalk, Rivet and Vittra from stigma to style: 3D printed … More Revolutionary Prosthetics and the Cyborg, is sci fi driving medical innovation?


My development process consisted of various iterations and practices in order to create the final film. With the theme of ‘futures’ I researched and looked into the history of body paint, I think this foundation was good for my film as it provided me with inspiration to create the paint stop-motion film. As I researched … More CONCURSUS REFLECTION

CONCURSES week 11:

I continued working on the stop-motion film today and spoke to Jo, about creating some depth within the piece as it was such a fast clip. She suggested that I play with the stop-motion and use the medium to my advantage. So I  will be pausing on particular moments within the film to highlight the notion … More CONCURSES week 11:


This week I spent a lot of time experimenting with different speeds and layering options to make the film have more a narrative and storyline to it. Continuing to experiment with different audio options, I downloaded some royalty free music, just listening to that over the top to what complimented it the best. I think the audio … More CONCURSES week 9:


This week I played with different sequences for the stop motion. I uploaded everything into After Effects but really struggled to create the right timing. Not knowing much about AE I started watching some Lynda tutorials on how to crop the images and create a 24fpm stop motion video. 24 ended up being too fast and … More CONCURSES Week 8: