What really Matters




ideas, materials, media, and technologies you are interested in developing

activist cinema, film, photography, documentaries, campaigns on things that matter!

provide a comprehensive picture of the field within which your proposed project will sit. For example, if you are interested in activist cinema, what historical development informed this field? What are the different applications? What is happening right now that is interesting?

what is so critical in the information we share through activist campaigns, short films about political issues, performances, and installations about equal rights, is the message. The means by which we share the message is purely a transportation device that can inflict emotion and get people to act on the message that we share. personally i feel the form of performance and film provokes the most emotions and in turn change.

what began was the message: free speech, equality, peace, awareness of mental illness and poverty.

Before, film, cinema, and social media, activists would need to use physical means to draw attention to the issue, by using protesting and demonstrations. for example:
Women’s suffrage parade in Washington DC: 3 March 1913


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.26.51 am.png
Suffragettes in 1913, Photograph: Paul Thompson/Getty Images

The issue was, these civil protests only happened in countries where free speech was legal. What we have discovered through globalisation and with the progression of technology is that people in these suppressed countries and communities have A LOT to say, but previously had little means to say it.

The invention of the smartphone and the ability to access them anywhere in the world started this revolution. From the smartphone came the need of applications and alternative messaging apps. e.g. Facebook and youtube, people are able to record anything they want from their smartphone and share it with the entire world through the internet. Even from countries where free speech isn’t legal. The Arab Springs, use of VPN’s and artists like Ai Weiwei who defy the government in order to share their opinions, and challenge societal norms of the country.

After Visiting the MAAS,  ‘Materialising the digital’, the whole exhibition relates to my work, however, as a single work there aren’t too many connections. Using digital means to as a form of creating, documenting and making.

“Rebooting Revivals
In the past decade, various artists and designers have taken a postmodern approach, using the tools of digital design and manufacture to create works that reference or reproduce historical artworks and past decorative styles. Innovations in science, design and other fields are very often adaptations and combinations of older ideas highlighting the importance of understanding and remembering the past.” 

If I was to relate the progression and growth of individual voices through activist cinema, the use of marketing and campaigns globally to spread a message to the exhibition I would draw the connection of digital means to resolve the issues we have. for example, there was a work on 3D printed prosthetic legs by the artist, UNYQ.

if we look at the transition between, the effects of war and the PTSD that soldiers and nurses and doctors may experience when they get back and the physical damage to their body, we access that through film material and digital means. We are now creating solutions through even more advanced technology like 3D printing, that can improve the quality of life that has been dramatically reduced by people in combat.

that’s probably the strongest connection, that there are a vision and a solution through the progression of digital technologies.


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