Materialising the Digital and Pitch

 Remixing the Figure

Digital advancements have inspired a re-examination of the body and the representation of the human form in art and design. 3D scanning provides the ability to capture the true likeness of an older sculptural work or a live person. The data captured can then be manipulated, combined or animated.

After visiting the MAAS (Powerhouse Museum), One particular work really inspired me. UNYQ (United states), Vittra, Catwalk and Rivet.  They create personalised prosthetics using 3D printing.


The company’s ethos and vision to embrace uniqueness is helping to de-stigmatise and build confidence in those who need the assistance of a prosthetic arm or leg. The use of 3D Printing allows it to be inexpensive, fast to make and customised for each individual.

“Don’t be afraid of who you are. If we want to, we can do more than an able person!”

Bogdan – U with Custom Color Combo

‘Remixing the figure’ from the MAAS ‘re-examination of the body and the representation of the human form in art and design.‘ I want this quote to help inspire my Media Arts Project… a kind of call to action, to address a social issue. 

While in class today we discussed and brainstormed our ideas for our pitches. my MVP, kind of warped into this idea of addressing a social issue such as racism, the way that certain cultures are perceived in Sydney/Wollongong region and bring in a variety of cultural forces, from various racial groups and allow them to express their culture as though they needn’t worry about being told they ‘can’t do that here’.  I will then warp the audio of the language to be extra high pitch, to create an uncomfortable loud atmosphere. Within the visual, I’ll multiply images and use a large scale to create a heavy and profound effect. I want people to feel as though they can’t escape the images and sound because you can’t escape other cultures, we need to accept them as they are and invite them into the way we all live. The film with an audio component will be best suited for this as I am able to share stories of others through their eyes. I want to create a raw minimal film that heightens the issue rather than using any fancy film techniques it’s about the message, not the medium. However, in doing so I need to structure the way I interview and film the people in my film. 


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