Media Arts Project 

In week 8 we took a different approach and used the image of a typewriter as our main focus. We started exploring the idea of war stories, and used a Ho Chi Min quote to represent the letter, the typewriter with an empty chair represents displacement. And the Tv with the image of the typewriter creates this contemporary and historical paradox. After receiving feedback from jo and Matt, we really needed to stretch out this idea of the ‘war letter’ and explore different avenues through projection light and the strange and intriguing typewriter.

From this point forward I am going to try to play with scale and stretch this idea of war letters by playing with the tv and projections.

I was absent in week 9, however, the feedback received was that we needed to bring more to the installation, that it was a bit too simple.. so in week 10 we really tried to capture the idea of storytelling through different forms so we played with paper, the TV again and projection. So we created the story physically on paper and then digitally through the children’s book (The Tin Pot General and the Old Iron Woman) that was projected on the Wall. We also experimented with scale by recreating the Ho Chi Min quote in a smaller projection and lower towards the ground.

However, we were trying too many different ideas in the 1 project, and it became too busy, we needed to strip back to our original idea and revisit what war stories are about.

This week we played a lot with sheets and different ways to project images and colours of. Essentially we wanted to create a time capsule with fast quick lighting all within the small space. As we were creating the space our ideas changed and we started experimenting with different materials. The tulle came out the most effective as it looked like the paper was floating, and next week I really want to play with the different shapes that could be created through the projection. We got caught up with the sheets and that consumed most of the time to prepare.

After talking to jo and Matt, I think splitting up in 2 groups could work really well just to see if we can change and progress into 2 different parts. I think we then need to critique each other’s work so we can figure out just where we are missing the mark.


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