Godzilla Vs Gojira

“Tokyo 1954” Art Print (Variant) N.E. (New Flesh Prints) 18″ x 24″ (Screen Print) – Signed and Numbered Not for Sale Inspired By: Godzilla (1954) My experience with Japanese films is very limited. I watched Spirited Away as a child and was terrified of the unrecognisable animation and cultural differences. Nothing resonated with me and left me … More Godzilla Vs Gojira

MEDA302: week 1

ASSESMENT PLANNING: 1. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE SITE  Picture (500px by 500px minimum): I have a friend I can contact to get a good picture. (White t-shirt jeans kinda shot.) 250-word professional profile word statement: research peoples existing profile statements on LinkedIn and their websites. brainstorm what I have done previously, what I am good at, and what I … More MEDA302: week 1