MEDA302: week 1



  • Picture (500px by 500px minimum): I have a friend I can contact to get a good picture. (White t-shirt jeans kinda shot.)
  • 250-word professional profile word statement: research peoples existing profile statements on LinkedIn and their websites. brainstorm what I have done previously, what I am good at, and what I would like to achieve.
  • selected works: Emirates – provide information on my role etc. Last semesters work  Ashleigh Lindsay’s work. potentially Bali trip/Europe video.
  • a biographical statement (100 – 150 words) or abridged CV that summarises your tertiary education background, skills, works, and key achievements etc.

Website: Wix, learn how to use Dreamweaver, square space or Wix, pick what would best suit my style and how I want to come across to potential clients.


  • Blog posts + comments on other people’s blog posts – see student directory.
  • write everything down! and evaluate decisions.


  • Today I had spoken to Steph, Chelsea, David, Sam and Sonny and we decided that we would like to work together in the final assessment. We felt we could’ve pushed even more in MEDA301, and we decided we really want to see what we can achieve, and really push on the ideas we established in MEDA301, driven by the motif and themes in MEDA302, and focus on what held us back last semester!
  • Motif – futures, previous assessment works with this, play with futures/the past and present. TIME
  • This will fill out over time as I explore the themes and motifs week by week. accompanied by individual research. (see below for workshopped ideas in tutorial)
  • 3 works submitted. (needs to be commercial), photographs? Officeworks – glossy finish and framed? clarify next week if it needs to be a picture of something in particular? is this marked?
  • Each student needs to submit 3 pieces of works, preferably framed. These works will be selected, curated and exhibited in the TAEM gallery in building 25.

The values we attributed to craft, art and research, we wanted to link to the motif of futures, and how time influences each one.

craft = power/present day thinking
following steps, instructions a recipe. Refining skills, technique, practical, tactile and tangible. the understanding material, functional commercial use. present day thinking. technology as a tool for crafting.

art=risk/future thinking
No rules, challenging ideas, driven by passion, social, political and cultural commentary, art is subjective interpreted. context, the anticipation of the future.

research=knowledge/historical thinking
existing knowledge being passed down. investigating, fuels art and craft – new ideas. history, documenting the process, how we use technology its evolution over time.


words are a social construct with added values and connotations we associate with that word. You are to draw connections between emotions and actions and words symbolise this connection we verbalise to one another to communicate.


  • Are the rules within the craft. A system of ideas society has created to guide and teach. Justification of course of action.


  • is a theory that establishes a core foundation of what we perceive as reality and existence.



The final work I completed in MEDA301, had a strong artistic element to it, however, it lacked in certain parts of research and we didn’t really explore craft. Our experimentation process was successful and we explored many different vectors. We could’ve completed more research and refined elements of the final work to successfully perfect the craft of what we did. The piece definitely had a historical aspect and that the research we should have gone down. Conducting a series of interviews would have given the work even more depth. In terms of craft, creating a better picture of the window on the wall, with a higher resolution and potentially changing a few colours may have worked better. At one stage we wanted it to be a repetitive film to contrast with the stillness of the sculpture.

What other works were suggested or potentialized/marginalised in these junctures or turning points?Describe at least three other forms this work taken or what alternative paths may have it developed along?What was successful or interesting about your work – or the ideas it suggested or evoked in its virtual forms?

Within last semesters work, we really explored almost every avenue we thought off, as much as a struggle as it was we didn’t completely change our minds and start from the beginning but we played with the different avenues we thought could be interesting. The one thing we didn’t explore was audio, and that could have really impacted the work in a positive way, maybe some ambient noise or talking could have rounded out the installation. The work was successful by the end, and I think our process was the biggest achievement, we found a lot of interesting pathways we could have pursued, a lot of potentials if we had enough time to really explore each one.

Make a list of 5 questions that your work posed? They may be technical or conceptual?Do you feel motivated/compelled to continue some aspect of this work or process?

1. How does each individual component of the work connect to one another, what draws them together?
2. What images and projections could elevate the work to seamlessly provide more context.
3. How do the different elements of time create a sense of absence within the room?
4. Could audio bring another critical element that was needed to execute the installation?
5. What feelings and emotions are evoked when one enters the room?

I am a little bit unmotivated to pursue exactly what we did, I think we need a refreshed context, and this subjects new motif and key themes could really push a different perspective on the work, I would like to regroup with the original group as we worked really well together, and I think we could achieve something even better this time around.

Do you have another project or interest in mind?For this week’s blog develops a series of strategies and immediate plans to begin experimenting and research your process of material thinking/research creation/art making this term. While you are doing this think through the four terms we’ve kept returning to and the way we have placed them (or purposed them) in relation to each other. Do these four terms give and their relation to the future provide you with some clues as to how to move forward?

I discovered the sculpture for the final project in MEDA301 and would love to really draw that out a bit more, I think the installation got very busy and consumed by other elements. I want to strip back everything else and focus on craft, perfecting that one element. Maybe I can play with scale and create a gigantic version of it or deal with different angles, play with these different options. I miss creating a film, and maybe I can play with a projection on different surfaces, and focus on the content as i feel that was lacking in the last assessment.



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