Learning Tai Chi

Although originally developed (and still practiced) as a martial arts system, Tai Chi has been used to keep fit and prevent and cure diseases amongst the Chinese people since the 16th century. The physicality of Asian MMA was something that intrigued me. After conducting secondary research on films using a variety of MMA elements I … More Learning Tai Chi

88 Shades of Red

Akira is a cyber punk animation set in a Japanese future called ‘Neo Tokyo’. It hinges on a dystopian WWIII future in 2019, where the city is experiencing the aftermath of the atomic bomb and there are chaos and corruption everywhere. After the past 3 weeks of watching Asian films, I was expecting a slow-paced … More 88 Shades of Red

Godzilla Vs Gojira

“Tokyo 1954” Art Print (Variant) N.E. (New Flesh Prints) 18″ x 24″ (Screen Print) – Signed and Numbered Not for Sale Inspired By: Godzilla (1954) My experience with Japanese films is very limited. I watched Spirited Away as a child and was terrified of the unrecognisable animation and cultural differences. Nothing resonated with me and left me … More Godzilla Vs Gojira