My development process consisted of various iterations and practices in order to create the final film. With the theme of ‘futures’ I researched and looked into the history of body paint, I think this foundation was good for my film as it provided me with inspiration to create the paint stop-motion film. As I researched … More CONCURSUS REFLECTION

CONCURSES week 11:

I continued working on the stop-motion film today and spoke to Jo, about creating some depth within the piece as it was such a fast clip. She suggested that I play with the stop-motion and use the medium to my advantage. So I  will be pausing on particular moments within the film to highlight the notion … More CONCURSES week 11:


This week I spent a lot of time experimenting with different speeds and layering options to make the film have more a narrative and storyline to it. Continuing to experiment with different audio options, I downloaded some royalty free music, just listening to that over the top to what complimented it the best. I think the audio … More CONCURSES week 9:


This week I played with different sequences for the stop motion. I uploaded everything into After Effects but really struggled to create the right timing. Not knowing much about AE I started watching some Lynda tutorials on how to crop the images and create a 24fpm stop motion video. 24 ended up being too fast and … More CONCURSES Week 8:


After doing all my practises I took the final shots, it was an extremely time-consuming process! And figuring out the best lighting was something I had to play with quite a bit. In hindsight, i would’ve prefered the first crisp shot, and originally thought the rest of the images taken for the arm sequence were … More CONCURSES week 7: