MEDA302: week 1

ASSESMENT PLANNING: 1. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE SITE  Picture (500px by 500px minimum): I have a friend I can contact to get a good picture. (White t-shirt jeans kinda shot.) 250-word professional profile word statement: research peoples existing profile statements on LinkedIn and their websites. brainstorm what I have done previously, what I am good at, and what I … More MEDA302: week 1

BCM blog series #4

The portrayal of television series surrounding mental illness may cause polarising views due to the controversial and sensitive topics they are. collaboration between the mental health sector in America and the Tv industry provide a potential for positive representation that entertains and inform audiences, as well as challenging previous negative portrayals of mental that we … More BCM blog series #4

BCM310 blog series #1

How much do we relate to and identify with fictional representations within cinema and television? The power that film and television have in depicting mental illness is huge as they can potentially create empathy between the character and the audience. It’s human nature to want to sympathise with people and can relate to someone especially … More BCM310 blog series #1

MEDA final week

So today we really pushed to create something different. All of our previous iterations have just missed the mark or had an element missing. I wanted to play with the idea of the letter and thought if I attached fishing wire and attached it to the roof we could create this still structure, one that … More MEDA final week