CONCURSES week 11:

I continued working on the stop-motion film today and spoke to Jo, about creating some depth within the piece as it was such a fast clip. She suggested that I play with the stop-motion and use the medium to my advantage. So I  will be pausing on particular moments within the film to highlight the notion … More CONCURSES week 11:


This week I spent a lot of time experimenting with different speeds and layering options to make the film have more a narrative and storyline to it. Continuing to experiment with different audio options, I downloaded some royalty free music, just listening to that over the top to what complimented it the best. I think the audio … More CONCURSES week 9:


This week I played with different sequences for the stop motion. I uploaded everything into After Effects but really struggled to create the right timing. Not knowing much about AE I started watching some Lynda tutorials on how to crop the images and create a 24fpm stop motion video. 24 ended up being too fast and … More CONCURSES Week 8:


After doing all my practises I took the final shots, it was an extremely time-consuming process! And figuring out the best lighting was something I had to play with quite a bit. In hindsight, i would’ve prefered the first crisp shot, and originally thought the rest of the images taken for the arm sequence were … More CONCURSES week 7:

Learning Tai Chi

Although originally developed (and still practiced) as a martial arts system, Tai Chi has been used to keep fit and prevent and cure diseases amongst the Chinese people since the 16th century. The physicality of Asian MMA was something that intrigued me. After conducting secondary research on films using a variety of MMA elements I … More Learning Tai Chi