88 Shades of Red

Akira is a cyber punk animation set in a Japanese future called ‘Neo Tokyo’. It hinges on a dystopian WWIII future in 2019, where the city is experiencing the aftermath of the atomic bomb and there are chaos and corruption everywhere. After the past 3 weeks of watching Asian films, I was expecting a slow-paced … More 88 Shades of Red

BCM111: Week 3 Cultural Competence

 ‘Australians are often too parochial, trapped within an Australian-centred view of a diverse and complex world’ I took this week’s blog post as an opportunity to conduct some primary qualitative research. My family live overseas and I interviewed my dad and my sister focusing on their personal experience of assimilating into a Middle Eastern culture. (Please … More BCM111: Week 3 Cultural Competence

MEDA302 week 3

ASSESMENT PLANNING: 1. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE SITE “Chloe Smith is a driven and ambitious multimedia content creator exploring ideas of emotion and the intercultural relationships between people. Chloe is currently studying at the University of Wollongong, majoring in Digital Media and minoring in International Studies.  She creates visual stories to strengthen relationships and connect people globally. … More MEDA302 week 3

MEDA302 Week 2:

ASSESMENT PLANNING: 1. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE SITE Who are you and what are you/Drafting a story a statement a portfolio Mission, Passion, Creation, Connection, storytelling. “I am currently studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications majoring in Digital Media and minoring in International studies at the University of Wollongong. Always looking to challenge myself, I take … More MEDA302 Week 2: